EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Legacy Reissue Machine with Mod Speed and Mod Mode Setting


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EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Legacy Reissue Machine with Mod Speed and Mod Mode Setting

  • EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Legacy Reissue Machine with Mod Speed and Mod Mode Setting
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

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EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Legacy Reissue Machine with Mod Speed and Mod Mode Setting

Introducing the limited edition version of the Disaster Transport pedal, which has undergone a redesign to enhance its delay capabilities. The primary focus of the redesign was to reduce the noise floor and improve the overall quality of the delay. As a result, the delay line now offers a cleaner and more refined sound, resembling that of an analog delay. The pedal is designed to seamlessly integrate into your music, providing an evolved ambiance that sits perfectly in the background. However, it can also be dialed in for a more dramatic effect, allowing you to tailor the delay to your preference. A notable addition to the pedal is the Mod Mode switch, which offers two options: Bend and Stretch. The Bend setting produces a subtle vibe akin to a traditional chorus sound, while the Stretch option introduces extensive pitch-stretching modulation for those seeking more experimental effects. Mod Speed toggle switch provides three settings: Slow, Fast, and Medium, allowing you to control the speed of the modulation. This modulation feature utilizes a ramp wave, which creates a unique and intense pitch bend effect, setting it apart from other modulated delays. The redesigned enclosure incorporates knobs to adjust various parameters, including Speed, Intensity, Mix, Repeats, and Time. With the addition of the Modulate and Activate switches, you have complete control over the pedal's modulation and activation, making it highly customizable to achieve your desired delay sound.


Regulates the modulation's speed. The Mod Speed toggle switch selects one of the three operating ranges (Slow/Fast/Medium) for the Rate. Disaster Transport modulates with a Ramp wave. This is a lot more intense than the majority of modulated delays, in your opinion. Imagine it as a classic Triangle wave that abruptly drops off a cliff in the middle of its cycle, leaving a sharp pitch bend in its wake. Or simply don't and consider whatever comes to mind.


Controls the degree to which the delay time is modulated by the LFO. Fewer intensity results in more delicate chorus-type effects, while more intensity produces wild-pitch stretching and bending. By choosing Bend or Stretch on the Mod Mode toggle switch, the overall modulation style can be made more or less subdued.


Sets the delay signal's loudness level. Turn this up to hear more of what you played 30 to 600 milliseconds ago.


Regulates the amount of delay feedback, ranging from self-oscillation at maximum to no repeats at zero. Allow your history to suffocate you until it explodes.


Sets the delay time, which ranges from a maximum of 600ms to about 30ms at zero. Everyone needs more time; the most we can provide you is roughly 600 milliseconds.

Mod Speed

a toggle switch with three positions that determine the rate's operating range.

Mode Mod

The modulation style can be selected using two-position toggle switches. Stretch is a wilder pitch stretching modulation, whereas Bend is more of a conventional chorus-type modulation.


This foot-operated switch switches the modulation on and off and uses Flexi-Switch Technology.


This foot-operated switch switches the effect on and off and uses Flexi-Switch Technology.


Weight0.86 lb


Pedal EffectsDelay

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